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Brewing Coffee using our Reusable Chemex Filter

Brewing Coffee using our Reusable Chemex Filter

What you will need:

1) Grind the beans to a medium-fine grind, this is important for the reusable coffee filter as the holes are slightly larger to allow more of the coffee oils and in turn more flavour into your brew.

2) Bring the water to a boil and rinse the filter through a little first and discard the excess water.

3) Insert the Reusable Coffee filter into your Chemex.

4) Pour in the medium – medium/fine ground coffee into the filter.

5) Pour around 80ml of the water all over the coffee grounds thoroughly saturating them and let it stand for 1 minute until the coffee stops bubbling.

6) Pour over another 120ml of the hot water using a spiral motion working from the center to the edge.

7) Working in 100ml increments pour the remaining 400ml of water into the center of the coffee grounds, maintain a level that is just high enough for the coffee to be fully submerged until it filters through fully.

8) Remove and wash the filter.

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