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The Great Chemex Filter shortage in the UK!

The Great Chemex Filter shortage in the UK!

Is the Chemex filter shortage finally over?

So some of you may have been aware that Chemex has been really difficult to get hold of in the UK over the last year.

We have heard several different reasons for this, but the truth is that Chemex themselves are a relatively small business in Chicopee, Massachusetts. They are however considered one of the best coffee filters on the market and due to high demand from increased coffee consumption over the lockdown period they hit some production issues,

Add in the added effects of imports into the country these are the reasons why Chemex filters were hard to get a hold of,

We are now happy to say that we think we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to this shortage and we are now out of the woods.

There is no denying that Chemex Filters are one of the best filters on the market when it comes to taste but environmentally, they do fall down in this area,

That’s why a Bean around Coffee we offer Chemex Filters & A Reusable alternative.

Either way you like to brew your coffee the joy is in the coffee itself, Check out all our coffees here!

As always we hope you enjoy your coffee fixes and have a great day to boot!

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