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About Us

Our Journey


We are Bean Around Worldwide Coffees and our journey started out like most, we are super passionate about coffee and probably drink way to much of the stuff! We looked at the market and realized that there needs to be more accountability and transparency about where our sweet bean comes from.

That’s where our journey began. We decided to start a company that does just that.

All our coffees can be traced directly back to the farm that grew it and the farmer that put his hard work into getting the amazing beans that we all take for granted.

Our Approach

We believe that coffee like any plant is nurtured over time and the best tasting coffee for our consumers has been grown with love and compassion. That’s why we are one of the only coffee companies who can say we can trace our coffee back to the individual that grows it..

No matter what region, we sample and buy direct so you not only get the greatest coffee, the farmer who grew it also gets their fair share! 
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