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Ethiopia Limu Coffee

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Ethiopia Limu – What's so special?

This amazing coffee highlights the intense deliciousness Ethiopian coffee is known for. It is wild, winey and yet full bodied. It is like our Bean Around - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee but not as floral.

Our Limu is grown about 1600 masl in the Oromia region of south west Ethiopia and is a mix of coffees beans from just six farms.

What makes Limu coffee unique?

In the heart of the Ethiopia, we are looking at a coffee that has been naturally dried to provide a fermented fruit taste. Ethiopia’s humidity provides a naturally grown coffee bean that is distinctive and unique, to other countries. A fruity aroma mixed with almost a grape like taste sits on the mouth for a satisfying finish.


Roast Level 2.5
Sweetness 4
Acidity 4
Tasting Notes Fruity, Winey, Sweet

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