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CHEMEX Filter Papers (100)

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Use with the awesome Chemex Coffee Maker for a perfect cup of coffee!

Square shape when folded allows extraction for pure coffee flavour, while the speciality paper design keeps bitter elements, oils and grounds in their place (and out of the cup).

  • 100 Chemex coffee filters, bleached
  • Square Pre-Fold FS-100
  • Designed to fit all Chemex coffeemakers (except CM-1, pint size model)
  • Absorbent special fibers for quality
  • Fits most other conical filter coffeemakers


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Justin Berman

Ended up going with unbleached filters which meant that I didn't have to wait as long. Very happy to get these at a decent price, great service with prompt replies to my messages.

Mark Farrar
Good alternative

When I asked them why there was a delay with my bleached filters they told me they have problems with supply. They offered an alternative which arrived quickly. These were priced much better than other shops. Many thanks

Still available!

Ran out and had been looking around for these everywhere, but not available. Bought lesser brand and they were awful; completely collapsing. Delivery was okay, though having paid extra for delivery, it's annoying to receive it after that period.

Nicola Cockroft
Easy to use

We've used the smaller round filters in the past which you need to fold, but we found that these square ones are much better as they provide a larger surface area to put the coffee and water into and they sit higher in the carafe so the bottom of the filter doesn't sit in the brewed coffee below.

Rebecca Willis
Would definitely recommend

Before being able to get hold of Chemex filters, I tried an alternative brand and was thoroughly disappointed. These filters, on the other hand, do exactly what they’re supposed to. Happy days!

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