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Reusable Coffee Filters - 3 Cup Chemex & Hario

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Looking for ECO-FRIENDLY Chemex Coffee Filters?

Struggling to find them in the global Chemex shortage?

Well we have the solution for you and let me tell you it's much friendlier to the environment and even more friendlier on your wallet!

This is the stainless steel reusable filter that can be used in pretty much any device including the awesome Chemex and the quick brew Hario.

This filter will allow you to enjoy those desired cold brews or the perfect coffee brew over and over again!

Reusable & made with 304 stainless steel

These Eco-friendly filters are reusable and made from 304 stainless steel. Eliminates the need for filter papers and gives you the same great results for your daily brew. Its easy to wash and reuse over and over.

Is it better than a paper Chemex Filter?

We can't tell the difference when it comes to taste and we have done many tests on both the paper filters and this reusable filter. We drink coffee everyday and think from an environmental perspective this makes sense. We really couldn't tell the difference.

We recommend our own Bean Around Blend - Dark Roast or our Blue Mountain Blend for ultimate taste!

Easy To Use

Conservative and lightweight, simply place the reusable filter into your desired brewing device, pour your boiling water through. Once brewed through simply remove the filter and wash in the sink. This filter is perfect for every day use at the office, in your home or even next to a camp fire out in the open.

This amazing reusable filter is suitable for Cups, mugs, Yeti Cup, Thermoses, Other Carafes and the filter holder (2-6 cups) such as Hario, Chemex, Ovalware, Bodum and many other coffee brewing tools.

This fits the Chemex 3 Cup brewer and replaces the FP-2 Filters. If your looking for the larger version which is for the 6 Cup Chemex and other variants then please see our Reusable Coffee Filter - Chemex & Hario.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Check out our Guide on How To use our Reusable Filter


Type: Coffee Filter
Material: 304 stainless steel
Size: For 2-4 cups
Diameter: 4.53 in / 11.5 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reusable filter

I bought this because of the current shortage of Chemex papers, however it's good to know that I'm now a little more eco-friendly with my coffee habit. I'm happy to say it works fine and I've noticed no difference in the flavour of the coffee. Good purchase!

Kenton Mann
Not happy

When I use my Chemex with papers I get a brew that has the colour and glossy clarity of tawny sherry. Using this filter the brew is cloudy and has a “muddy” taste. I’ll try it again with a coarser grind but not hopeful.

Does what it should...well

Bought one for the filter machine and it worked so well got this one for the pour over. Zero waste what’s not to like.

Great substitute for expensive filter papers

I bought this as Chemex Filters are hard to come by at the moment. I was doubtful it would give the same performance but I am happy to report that I can taste no difference! I am delighted. This product is highly recommended.

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